Analog Spin is an international trio residing in the greater Bodensee area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland who perform unique covers of retro classics with their own funky and soulful twist!

Influenced by early styles such as Delta Blues, Rockabilly, Rhythm and Blues, 60s Garage, Psychodelic Rock n´Roll, Mod, Mersey beat, Surf Music, Motown, Funk, Ska, Reggae and contemporary ones.

The 3 musicians originally from Ireland and California get creative performing cool remakes of their idols with their own spicy twist and arrangements!

Listen to our latest hits!

Shakin all over

Proud Mary

Helter Skelter

Live Dates 2018!

15.12 Besenbar Unterstammheim CH

24.11 Zeitlos Bar Radolfzell

10.11 Musiknacht Radolfzell

31.10 Fürstenberg Irish Pub Tuttlingen

06.10 Bodenwald Bodman

29.09 Ambiente Bar Radolfzell

04.08 Ambiente Terrace Party Radolfzell

03.08 Weinfestival Sigmaringen

12.05 Musiknacht Memmingen

11.05 Private Booking

21.04 Private Booking

24.03 Central Bar Engen

08.03 Kolbenfresser Konstanz

Live Dates 2017!

30.12 Ambiente Bar Radolfzell

26.12 Brühltor irish Pub St.Gallen CH

09.12 Privat Party Dettingen

01.12 Privat Party Radolfzell

24.11 Central Bar Engen

04.11 Musiknacht Radolfzell

07.10 Musiknacht Tuttlingen

29.09 Bisonstube Bodenwald Bodman

04.08 Private booking Schwarzwald

21.07 Bisonstube Bodenwald Bodman

15.07 Private Booking Konstanz

01.07 Autohaus Blender Konstanz

24.06 Ambiente Bar Radolfzell

09.06 Private Booking Pfalz

20.05 Musiknacht Radolfzell

13.05 Musiknacht Memmingen

05.01 Fürstenberg Pub Schwenningen


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+49 170-667-8642